09/06/2016 Steve & Celis T

My wife and I stay at Casa Monica in St. Augustine twice a year. We started buying your candles on our first stay, four years ago. We walked into the lobby and both commented that it smelled amazing and were surprised that the smell was created by a single candle. The scent they were using was Lavender & Bergamot. Since then, we buy several candles on every stay. Everyone who visits our house comments on the amazing smell. After our last stay, I decided I needed to find out where they get the candles, so we can get them more frequently and try other scents. We will be customers for life! Steve & Celis T


Andrea B

I ordered a bunch of different candles to try. All of them smell amazing!... Right now I'm burning -Love- in my living room and the candle fills the whole room and my bedroom! I like the fact that they are soy. I have tried many brands from high end (Jo malone, L'Artisan etc) to Bath and Body works etc... These are by far the best candles I have ever tried. They burn slowly and the 12 oz candles fills up my whole condo!!.. These are pricey however they are worth it!.. I can't wait to buy more and try different scents!... The Bliss mango candle smells so sweet and decadent.. These will make great gifts! One suggestion to the owner, shipping rate is a little high the reason why I did not join the candle of the month club.... Can't wait to order more... very fast shipping!! you have a customer for life! 


FindingForever AMG

While in St. Louis, MO, I stayed at the historical Cheshire Hotel. When I walked in the lobby, I thought to myself, "WOW, whatever their fragrance is, it is amazing!" It was Lemongrass and Lime. I asked the front desk clerk about it and he stated that it was the candles they were burning. I then inquired about purchasing one, and was happy that they sold them even though they didn't advertise it. I wanted 3, he only had 2 left...I took them both. Since then I have discovered where they got them from. These are the best candles ever! Long lasting and can scent up my small (900 sq ft) home with just one candle. I love them so much I joined the candle of the month club. Can't wait to see what the selection is for December. I have just one suggestion (and not sure if you guys do this already), but you should put together a "choose your own" sample pack of maybe 4 candles in the small jars so we can test out the ones we aren't too sure about. Just a thought...


Alejandro Castellon

I found out about deco candles during my stay at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne in Miami. Their signature scent is the sweet mango or Bliss which is incredible. I been buying from Deco Candles ever since and I must say that I am more than satisfied with their candles. All their fragrances are amazing and the quality of the candles are top notch. I highly recommend them!


J Berger

I first encountered these candles years ago at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, FL. Their spa had the most incredible fragrance. I found the candles for sale in their hotel store and began to order them from Deco. The mango is my favorite and all my friends enjoy coming to my home since it smells so fabulous. Many candles smell nice when you smell the actual candle but not all release their fragrance throughout the house like these do. Best candles I have ever used.


Michael Torres

If you are looking for CANDLES look no further!!!! these are the signiture candle for the RITZ CARLTON GROUP and are out of this world!!!!! REVIE is my favorite!! thank you soo much for the best candles!


Priscilla P Back in 2007

I stayed at the San Juan Water & Beach Club Hotel in Puerto Rico. Upon entering the lobby I was warmly greeted by the rich, sweet yet sensuous aroma of the mango candles burning throughout. As I checked in and got settled, I made it a point to find out where I could get the candles for myself and was directed to the hotel gift shop. Alas, my love affair with Deco Candles began.. Sounds extreme you say? Well if you're like me and love to be in fragrant environments but have a hard time finding candles that actually "carry" the scent; you've found the perfect solution. A bit pricier than your usual but trust me you will not be disappointed, they're worth every penny! Scott Gordon Love, love, love the Sweet Mango candles from DecoCandles. We first discovered them in the spa at the Ritz Carleton Key Biscayne and have been obsessed ever since. These candles are also my go to gift giving idea.


Elbee L 11 months ago

I had a wonderful expierience at Decocandles. The sales staff was friendly and courteous. The candles never lost their wonderful scent through the entire burn process. I will most certainly return to purchase their products.


Tiffany Martin Staten 10/06/2014

I purchased one of your candles after a recent stay at the Conrad Miami. Every day that we walked into the hotel, I said "What is that smell...I would live here, just to smell that every day." After asking someone at the front desk, they told me that the their signature scent was coming from the candles around the hotel and that I could purchase one! I was in heaven. I landed on the Lemongrass candle. I light it every morning while I get ready for work. The scent carries throughout the entire second floor and lasts long after I've blown it out.

I also wanted to share that I loved reading your bio and how your company got it's start. Congrats on your success and best wishes in the future!

Thank you for making my home a pleasure to be in!


Skyliena Hernandez a year ago

The first time I had ever smelled a Decocandle was after walking through the Dallas World Aquarium. As I reached the gift shop, I spotted a unique looking candle, and quickly advanced towards it to find that it was my favorite!! I've never found such a wonderful smell of mango since I located this one. I looked up Decocandles online and decided to order a couple of candles, it didn't take very long for my item to reach me and when I opened my package I found that they added two free candles!! SO exciting :) I would recommend Decocandles to any fellow candle lover.


Carla S 9 months ago

I couldn't resist the smell of the Sweet Mango candle from the Ritz Carlton Jamaica. I had to have one! I have purchased these candles from Decocandles before and had a wonderful experience. I can't wait to try the Lemongrass Orange scent.


Lauren Schneider 11 months ago

I love Decoandles! My favorite scent is inspiration. I will always buy that candle and then try a new one. The combinations always sound unique when ordering, but everyone I've tried, my husband and I really enjoy. I use to buy them at a Jacksonville Spa when we lived in Florida. I'm so happy that I found the website when I moved to Virginia. They are the only candles I buy!


Denise Wilson a year ago

We first found these candles during our stay at Hotel Mela in New York City. When you walked in it just smelled GREAT!! They use the Devotion, coconut and mango scent. We bought one while there. Found the web site and have ordered them. Just light one and it will fill your entire room/house with a lovely scent. I used to buy the ones from the mall (won't mention the name, in the tumbler jars) until I found these. Buy them, you won't be disappointed.


Peter Phillips a year ago

What I love about Decocandles is the amazing variety of unique scents which truly create a wonderful ambiance in your home. They burn slowly, evenly and retain their aroma for a long time. They come gorgeously packaged and make terrific gifts. Karen and her staff are very efficient and professional. It is a pleasure to do business with them and I highly recommend them. Ana Rosa Phillips


Alexandra Alessandri 11 months ago

The staff is amazing! The Mango and Guava candle is absolutely incredible. Everyone that comes to my house asks where we bought this candle from. I highly recommend Decocandles!


Virginia Adams a year ago

I've been ordering mango candles for a couple of years now and every time I get the same great service and speedy delivery to Canada. Thanks so much to Karen and the team at DecoCandles! From Virginia and Harbour Sixty Steakhouse, Toronto


Sergio Randolph a year ago

Love the sweet mango plus great service


Patricia Garavito 12 months ago

Great scents and long lasting! Won't use any other candles now!


Kristie nu 12 months ago

These candles are amazing! The scent of these candles fills the room, without being too overpowering.They have the perfect balance of scent. I bought the mango-guava candle and I am obsessed, I light it everyday. I would recommend these to everyone. Very satisfied customer.


Leila S Farah a year ago

I just love this candles, first time was at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne and the mango smell was so delicate and delicious at the same time...we got hooked since.


Magalys Valle 8 months ago

Conoci de las velas de Decocandles por un regalo y me he quedado fascinada con ellas, desde ese momento siempre las he comprado. Son incomparables.


April C.

3X3 SWEET MANGO Pillar Scented Candle (3X3 Pillar) The Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne Signature Fragrance Beautifully designed candle, it filled my whole house with the scent of mango. The mango smell lasts for life of candle. It burns really nice and clean. I would definitely purchase more


Jo from Texas - 

3x3 LUSH Mango Guava (3x3 pillar)
Scented Candle Made in USA (Kitchen)


This is my favorite brand of candles. I love all of the scents that I have tried. I never fail to receive nice compliments from guests.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Fabulous Quality Candle In My Favorite Scent,

December 2, 2013 by NikkiB123 

12 Oz. DREAMY Lemongrass Verbena Scented Jar Soy Candle Made in USA (12 Oz.)

I'm in love with this scent and this company makes a great quality candle. Unlike many expensive candles that smell great when you sniff them in the store, but don't give off any fragrance when burning, the Lemongrass Verbena scent fills my apartment.

And thumbs up on the customer service from Deco Candles -- For some reason when originally looking for the Lemongrass Verbena on Amazon, I didn't see it, so I ordered another scent. I mentioned it in my review for the other scent (Bloom - Orange Flower) and someone from Deco Candles commented to let me know that Dreamy was the scent I was looking for AND someone even called me to make sure I got the message. (FYI: The Lemongrass Verbena scent is pretty strong, so if you like something more delicate you should try the Orange Flower.)

I originally tried the Lemongrass Verbena candle because an event planner I work with gave me one that Deco Candles made for one of the Ritz Carlton hotels in Florida. I'm pretty sure the Ritz would always go with the best, which I think says a lot about Deco Candles.


5.0 out of 5 stars 

This candle is a winner!,

April 5, 2014 By Eddie Funkhouser -

12 Oz. INSPIRATION coconut lime (12 oz. jar) Scented Candle Made in USA (Kitchen)

I love this candle! It smells incredible! I live in a 2K sq/ft apartment and this candle makes the entire apartment smell awesome. I was hoping the smell would be as delicious as it sounds (coconut, lime and vanilla) and it is. It's perfectly balanced and not overpowering at all. When it's burning it's like walking in a cloud of yumminess! I purchased it for my partner as a last minute birthday gift and it was delivered the next day as promised!


5.0 out of 5 stars

great product!!!,

December 19, 2013 By hilary morse -

12 Oz. INSPIRATION coconut lime (12 oz. jar) Scented Candle Made in USA (Kitchen)

I really love this candle. It Makes my house smell so pretty and festive I am ready to order more


5.0 out of 5 stars

Favorite Brand, but,

April 3, 2014 By Jo from Texas -
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12 Oz. BLISS Sweet Mango Scented Jar Soy Candles Made in USA (12 Oz.) (Kitchen)

This is my favorite brand of candle. I love all of the scents, but prefer their candles that aren't in jars.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Love love love,

January 16, 2014 By Roy Yoon -

12 Oz. BLISS Sweet Mango Scented Jar Soy Candles Made in USA (12 Oz.) (Kitchen)

I ordered three candles and this is my favorite it's sweet but not to strong and my whole room smells so wonderful


5.0 out of 5 stars


April 16, 2014 By michael "mikie" (roseville mi)

12 Oz. COZY Melange of Spices & Evergreen Jar Soy Candle Made in USA (Kitchen)

thease are really good candles they are good they are worth buying so I highly recommended these candles good buy


5.0 out of 5 stars

Favorite Brand,

April 3, 2014 By Jo from Texas

3x3 PASSION Passion Fruit Scented Soy Candle Made in USA (3X3) (Kitchen)

I haven't used this candle yet, but have enjoyed three other scents of this brand that are all wonderful. I feel sure this one won't disappoint me. And, it is made in the USA.