Hi everyone! I am Karen Lawrence, the owner of DecoCandleS. I want to tell you a little bit about how DecoCandleS came to be. I used to be an investment consultant for a bank and used to fly all over South America selling investments to wealthy clients. Even though I loved my 6 figure income, investment was not my passion. One day, going up in the elevator going to my apartment, I ran into my neighbor. She said: " I quit my job and started my own business and I am much happier". I thought "If she can do it, why can't I?" That is when it all started. I won't tell you it was easy, because it was not. I never worked so much in my life!!! I started by opening a store that sold beautiful hand carved candles from South America. Even though they were beautiful, they did not have scent. So I added another line of scented candles from South America, and it was a hit! I had the store for three years and then I closed to continue distributing the scented candles as a wholesaler. After doing that for a few years, I decided I had to have control of the quality of the candles I was selling, and that was not going to happen as long as I am importing. So... I started testing…. And testing… and testing… after a few months, I gave up and gave all my candle making materials away. It was very frustrating because I could not, for the life in me, make a scented candle that would smell. It seems it would be easy to make scented candle, right?? Wrong! It is very difficult. But I could not accept the fact that I could not make a scented candle… so, a couple years had passed, and I started the testing process all over again. But this time, I was not going to give up. I started testing every night in a corner in my kitchen. My candles were then, at best, mediocre. It took a few years of testing and retesting until I finally was able to break the code of making the perfect candle. If it weren’t for my persistence, I would not have the candles I have today. The candles I have now are one of the best candles in the market. Even though you may not see too many DecoCandleS' candles around, it is not because we are not famous, but it is mainly because we work primarily in making private label candles for our high end clients. So the next time you go to a Ritz Carlton Hotel, a Hyatt or any other type of high end resort, it may just be one of DecoCandleS' candles you may be buying. I am very proud of the candles I manufacture. My candles burn clean, slowly and has the fragrance throw that can fill up a whole house with. If you want to write me to let me know how you like my candles, do so by writing to and I will post your comments on my site.